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With Gratitude we Celebrated 50 Years of Excellence in 2020!

A Message from Coenraad on our 50th Anniversary in 2020

“It all began when I decided to turn my favourite pastime and hobby into a business when I guided my very first international clients on a plains game hunt in Zululand in 1968. At that time there were only three PH’s operating in South Africa. Of those three, I am the only one still alive.

I grew up hunting from the tender age of about ten and must have inherited my grandfather’s genes. He was a well-known big game hunter in the 1920’s. Unfortunately I never knew him because he died before I was born and sadly my Father died at the age 41. I was 12 years old. Fortunately, a great hunter and outdoorsman by the name of Rustin Waldeck who was my grandfather’s best hunting buddy and an old family friend, stepped into the breach and  taught me most of what I know about hunting. He was my mentor and hero.

I established the first CVS hunting camp in northern Zululand and started exhibiting at SCI in 1970. The adventure began and what a journey it as been!

I can look back with pride and gratitude at the 50 years of accomplishments, reputation and achievements of what is today the oldest safari company in South Africa. In my retirement I have had time to reflect on many of the great adventures and memories that over 1500 hunters from around the world have enjoyed on safari with CVS. It is during these reflections that I ask myself why I hunt, why I am a hunter? I certainly do not hunt because I am on an ego trip or because I enjoy killing animals! Personally I might go on several hunts and not fire a shot. But I am prepared to pay for the privilege and the opportunity to go hunting and to enjoy the challenges presented. I hunt for the overall deep experience of enjoying the outdoors, the wilderness, nature and the lessons she teaches and everything that goes with that which is good for the mind and soul. The spiritual impact of wild places has a special place in my being. A campfire under a twinkling universe and the camaraderie around it cleanses the heart and soul and provides inspiration to higher ideals – especially in conservation. Hunting gives me the opportunity to appreciate nature and God’s creations very intimately. It is my right to hunt and all my children and grandchildren are better people because they hunted with me.

With gratitude I shall leave my legacy to the next generation.”

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