Timbavati, Klaserie & Associated Areas

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Timbavati, Klaserie & Associated Areas


If any region in South Africa is known for world class dangerous game hunting it has to be the Lowveld of the old Eastern Transvaal, known as Mpumalanga today. In bygone years, this was the destination of choice for hunters pursuing any of the Big 5. The Timbavati and the Klaserie Nature Reserves form part of a 6-million-acre open wildlife system which is teaming with massive herds of Buffalo and Elephant, prides of Lions, Hippos, Rhino and a variety of antelope species. This region boasts one of the highest densities of Leopard in Africa. These areas offer a stunning African experience where incredible game viewing can be enjoyed by everyone on board whilst traversing the land. The ecological integrity of the reserves is a priority to the management teams and both reserves are first and foremost dedicated conservation areas where limited, controlled and sustainable hunting contributes immensely to their management budgets as well as Rhino protection. This is a high dollar destination and may not fit everyone’s budget.

There are two accommodation options. The Timbavati is home to the most wonderful tented safari camp with an incredible ambience where meals are enjoyed around a glowing campfire. In the Klaserie we are spoilt with 5 Star accommodation in a beautifully appointed thatched lodge. Species which can be hunted are Buffalo, Hippo, Elephant and from time to time, Leopard, Lion and White Rhino.

• Malaria area. Prophylactics advised

• Nearest commercial airport 30 minutes drive from Reserve gateway

• Conservative sustainable annual hunting quotas

• Suitable for rifle hunting

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Timbavati campfire
Timbavati Elie
Timbavati Buff
Timbavati Hippo
Timbavati Buff herd
Timvabati Buff fighting