Elephant Hunting In Africa

elephant hunting in africa
elephant hunting in africa

Make the world's largest mammal your most-prized trophy

Elephant Hunting In Africa

The mighty African elephant is one of the most dangerous animals to hunt, making for an adrenaline-filled chase, and a rewarding trophy.

Hunt the in the Timbavati and Klaserie Reserves, two of the most famous conservation areas in Southern Africa – the headquarters for dangerous game hunting in bygone years.

At CVS, conservation management programs are our priority and we focus on fair chase, ethical hunting principles.

Experience one of your most exciting elephant hunts and take the memories home with you.

An elephant hunt guarantees nothing less than a world-class dangerous game hunting safari. The African elephant is a mighty and majestic beast, weighing up to 6 tons and standing up to 4 metres tall at shoulder height. Both male and female elephants have long ivory tusks and strong, powerful trunks.

South Africa is home to well over 17 000 elephants in seven of the country’s nine provinces. An elephant hunt with CVS will typically lead you to management bulls in the pristine wilderness of the Timbavati and Klaserie Nature Reserves. Elephant hunts occasionally become available in other regions of South Africa, in which case we’ll send our customer base a newsflash to let them know. Our prospective client base will also be the first to know about limited trophy-quality elephant hunts.

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Elephants are continuous feeders, which means that they cover great distances in the foray for food. Hunting and tracking them is thus one of the most challenging of hunting safaris. Not only do elephants travel great distances, but they often occur in large herds, which means that hunters need to be vigilant to avoid alerting the herd of their presence. And even if one is hunting a solitary elephant, they can become very shrewd – it’s incredible how such an enormous beast can seem to disappear into the bush in a matter of seconds.

You’ll only truly appreciate this magnitude of the African elephant when you’re on foot and can see the animal in front of you. Your heart will hammer in your chest as you take in the elephant’s size and picture your ultimate prize…

Clive Curtis and CVS team guided Brooks and George on a Caprivi Elephant Safari in August of 2016. Two Great Elephant were hunted along with Buffalo, Hippo and Zebra. A most successful and enjoyable safari.

Make the world’s largest mammal your most-prized trophy