Hippopotamus Hunting In Africa

hunting hippopotamus

Make the world's most dangerous animal your prized trophy

Hippopotamus Hunting In Africa

Upgrade your Big Five hunting trophy collection to include the Dangerous Seven when you hunt down a hippopotamus.

By night or by day, a hippo hunting safari is a challenging and thrilling experience that is completely unique in its complexities.

CVS guarantees you the real thing – an experienced team and a traditional, ethical African hunting adventure.

Experience one of your most exciting hunts and take the memories home with you.

We regularly hunt Hippo in our Zululand concession on South Africa’s East coast. Hippo hunts can take place at night when hippos are out to graze, adding to the excitement of the safari. Hippos can also be shot in the water, where they can be retrieved once they have floated to the surface… but danger still lurks, as wherever you find hippo, you are likely to find crocodile too.

Hunting hippo requires accuracy and skill. Firstly, the hunting team must identify the best animal to shoot during the day while they’re still in the water. If the hunt takes place in the day, prepare to hunt the hippo in the water with a highly-accurate shot.

If hunting at night while the hippo is on land, be ready be for a charge – a disturbed hippo bull is highly aggressive, and you will need to stand your ground and make a few well-placed shots to secure your prize.

As with all CVS safaris, you are guaranteed a fair and ethical hippo hunt with conservation always top-of-mind. We are a family of hunters who support responsible and ethical big game hunting. A hunt with our experienced, hand-picked team guarantees you the real thing – a memorable, authentic hippo-hunting safari to last a lifetime.

hunting hippopotamus in africa
hunting hippos
hippopotamus in africa

The common hippopotamus (hippo for short) inhabits rivers, lakes and swamps in Africa. A territorial bull hippo tends to preside over a stretch of river with a group of five to thirty females and young. During the day, hippos remain cool by staying in the water; at dusk, they emerge to graze.

The average hippo stands 1.3 – 1.5 metres at shoulder height and weighs between 1300-2500 kgs. Highly aggressive and unpredictable, the hippo is one of the most dangerous animals in the world. They are very territorial animals, and will protect their territory with fights to the death. The hippo accounts for more human deaths on the African continent than all of the other members of the Big Five.

We welcomed Roger for his 2nd safari with PH Hans Vermaak which took him to 3 areas – all of which offered 100% free-range hunting. Roger collected a variety of fine animals including a fabulous Roan, Waterbuck, Hippo, Nyala and Bushbuck. Roger and Coenraad also had the opportunity to catch up having not seen each other since the mid 90’s!

Experience one of your most exciting hunts and take the memories home with you.