Crocodile Hunting In Africa

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Cut your teeth on Africa's great crocodile hunt

Crocodile Hunting In Africa

African crocodiles have been inhabiting the planet for over 150 million years. Add one of the earth’s oldest beasts to your hunting collection.

Crocodiles are extremely dangerous and deceptive, so it takes superb marksmanship to get one down.

With CVS, you are guaranteed a fair and ethical hunt with conservation always top-of-mind.

Experience one of your most exciting hunts and take the memories home with you.

African crocodiles can be found in warm bodies of water throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Crocodiles prefer freshwater habitats, but they can also be found in brackish water. Although these predatory reptiles are found in almost all major rivers in Africa, the crocodile is one of Africa’s most unusual trophies – largely because they are fast, dangerous and call upon the hunter’s best marksmanship.

Our Zululand Concession on South Africa’s East coast is home to monster crocodiles. We also offer crocodile hunting safaris in our neighbouring country Mozambique on a 1 million acre concession.

The average mature African crocodile measures between 4 – 4.5 metres and weighs up to 900kg. Some of the larger trophies can be found at a length of over 6 metres. One may picture crocodiles as lazy beasts basking all day in the sun, but looks can be deceiving. Crocodiles are incredibly sharp-eyed and will make a dash for the water as soon as they sense a threat. They are also able to feel the vibration of approaching mammals In the blink of an eye, a crocodile can seem to disappear almost without warning. The old, larger crocodiles prove even more wily and wary.

crocodile hunting in africa

Crocodile hunting is always an exciting experience. They are extremely dangerous reptiles – top predators in their environment with a justified reputation as ‘man-killers’. But with some careful planning and a well-placed shot, you could be rewarded with a magnificent crocodile for your trophy collection.

As the longest established safari company in South Africa, CVS take great care to ensure that we hunt in the traditional, ethical way. We pride ourselves on our sense of sportsmanship and focus on conservation. Our decades of experience will ensure that you experience a crocodile hunting safari that’s a cut above the rest.

A second safari with CVS in 2017 for Michael and Molly took the couple to Zululand with PH Clive Curtis in October. A superb Buffalo, Nyala and Crocodile were added to their growing collection.

Experience one of your most exciting hunts and take the memories home with you.