Lion Hunting in Africa

lion hunting
lion hunting

Hunting lion in Africa

The jewel in the crown of your trophy room.

With African lion numbers dropping in recent years and canned lion hunting generating concern around the ethics of the industry, a lion trophy has become more coveted and hard-earned than ever. CV Safaris is one of the few African destinations to offer lion trophy hunting, having been granted a lion import permit by USFWS off the back of their commitment to the enhancement and protection of the lion within their concession.

At CV Safaris, your authentic African safari experience is what drives us. Embracing age-old hunting traditions, lion hunting within our reserve is an exclusive privilege and a landmark event for anyone passionate about the sport. We pull out the stops, offering the kind of personal attention that goes with the gravity of the occasion to give you lasting, meaningful memories of your African adventure. For the hunter and conservationist, you are assured that this is done with sustainable wildlife practices in mind.

Lion Hunting South Africa

A lion hunt is filled with excitement which ignites primal exhilaration in every hunter. From observing great tracks on the ground to first sighting, this imposing creature is resplendent in its inherent power. The wild lions at CV Safaris’ Kalahari Concession are closely protected and roam 1000 hectares of reserve, making for an authentic tracking and hunting experience. This ambush predator can be extremely dangerous and the tracking and stalking process is an adrenaline-fuelled task. Shot placement is critical on a lion hunt and your PH will guide you through the process, making this one of your most memorable moments.

Experience one of your most exciting hunts and take the memories home with you.