Hunting White Rhino In Africa

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Complete your coveted Big 5 collection

Hunting White Rhino In Africa

Strategise and plan your hunt alongside CV Safari’s experienced and knowledgeable experts before you track, stalk, and tick off one of the most elusive of the Big 5 on a safari you’ll never forget.

At CV Safaris, honesty and integrity come first. Hunting rhino is our right, but we respect that it is also a privilege. We’ll only ever hunt when it is 100% sustainable and beneficial to conservation.

Hunting a rhino is one of the most significant milestones of a hunter’s achievements. CV Safaris will ensure that there are no unwanted surprises and no hidden costs to dampen your experience.

Experience one of your most exciting hunts and take the memories home with you.

The opportunity to hunt a rhino rarely granted, limited by the scale of rhino poaching in recent years and the fact that rhinos only attain hunting status from the age of 15. This is why a rhino is often the last quarry to be ticked off a hunter’s Big 5 list.

White rhino hunting in an exercise in patience – not only for the permit, but also in the tracking, stalking and securing the ultimate prize. Although rhinos have poor eyesight, their sharp senses of smell and hearing more than make up for their lack of vision. Along with our expert team, you’ll find yourself hunting the old way – on foot, following tracks, and reading the clues left behind in the wild. This waiting game makes the hunt’s success even more rewarding.

After a day on the hunt, our crew will set up your comfortable camp right in the midst of wild Africa. Listen for hyenas as you enjoy sundowners and hearty meals around the campfire; savour the night skies in the unfenced African bush before settling into your equipped safari tent for the night.

white rhino hunting in africa
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At CV Safaris, we pride ourselves on our traditional outlook on the sport of hunting. As a family of hunters, we embrace the hunting traditions of our forefathers. Our focus is on a fair chase and ethical hunting, and we have a deep-seated respect for the wildlife and wild places we are fortunate to enjoy. With our lifelong affinity for the African bush, we will pull out all the stops to offer hunters a traditional hunting safari underpinned by bush acumen and principles of good sportsmanship.

Hunting a rhino in Africa is a great privilege for the modern day big game hunter, and CV Safaris guarantees you the real thing – a memorable, authentic African safari and total piece of mind.

The rhino was absolutely spectacular! When Clive jumped off the top of the truck and said ‘Oh my goodness (or something like that), that is THE ONE we’ve been looking for!’ I could barely think or breath. And then to come eye to eye with him while he was still standing – it still gives me goosebumps. What an experience!

Experience one of your most exciting hunts and take the memories home with you.