Hunt Reviews 2019

HUNT REVIEW- Jennifer, Justin & Amanda

Jennifer, Justin and Amanda joined PH Clive Curtis in the Kalahari for a fantastic Plains Game Safari which marked a successful start to the 2019 safari season. As always the game viewing was superb and their fly camping experience was thoroughly enjoyed.

HUNT REVIEW- Lance & Trey

Lance & Trey joined PH’s Hans Vermaak & Clive Curtis for a Buffalo and Plains Game safari in May. Hunting our premier Kalahari concession Lance & Trey collected superb trophies including 2 outstanding Buffalo and enjoyed fantastic game viewing and a memorable fly camping experience!

HUNT REVIEW- Frank & Rosemary

PH Darren Baker welcomed a delightful couple – Frank and Rosemary – to the Kalahari Concession for a week long Plains Game safari. A fabulous Gemsbok and Wildebeest and other species were hunted. Frank also took time out to enjoy some bird shooting!

HUNT REVIEW- James & Marc

CVS welcomed friends James & Marc for an epic Buffalo and Plains Game safari to 3 areas with PH’s Hans Vermaak and Clive Curtis. Two superb Buffalo and a variety of excellent Plains Game species were collected including impressive Waterbuck, Kudu, Gemsbok, Nyala and more.

HUNT REVIEW- Tommy Jr, Brighton, Tommy Sr, Pat, Keri & Major

PH Darren Baker hosted Tommy Sr, Tommy Jr, Brighton, Pat, Keri and Major on a wonderful family safari in the Kalahari. Eland, Zebra, Sable, Red Hartebeest and Impala were the sought after species. An enjoyable and successful family safari!

HUNT REVIEW- Craig, Caroline, William & Ami

Another fantastic family safari with Craig, Caroline, William and Ami to 2 areas with PH’s Clive Curtis, Darren Baker & Patches Madonsela saw a fantastic variety of Plains Game species collected along with 2 Buffalo!

HUNT REVIEW- Chance, Katherine & Taylor

Chance, Katherine & son Taylor joined PH Hans Vermaak in the Kalahari for a fabulous Plains Game safari in June 2019 where Taylor collected some outstanding trophies. The team also found time for some bird-shooting whilst enjoying all this amazing region has to offer.

HUNT REVIEW- Chance & Justin

PH Hans Vermaak hosted long time CVS clients Chance and Justin in Tanzania for some epic Buffalo hunting! A total of 11 Buffalo were hunted along with a spectacular Leopard and other superb species. A very successful safari!


Long time CVS client Brooks, returned for a Big 5 Safari to Mozambique with PH Clive Curtis. Outstanding Leopard, Crocodile & Bushbuck were hunted during the 2 week safari in this pristine area.

HUNT REVIEW- Andrew, Thomas, Sherra & Rachel

PH Darren Baker welcomed Andy and family for a wonderful Plains Game Safari to our premier Kalahari area. Great trophies were collected and tremendous game viewing opportunities were enjoyed by all.


PH Clive Curtis was joined by long time client Dos for his 5th safari with Coenraad Vermaak Safaris! This time Buffalo and a special selection of Plains Game species were collected.

HUNT REVIEW- Richard & Suzie and Family

Richard and family joined PH Hans Vermaak for a fabulous family safari in the Kalahari. Coenraad also joined the safari to spend time with his dear friends Richard and Suzie. 3 Generations around the campfire, quality family time, great hunting, excellent game viewing, shared stories and memorable moments made this trip one to remember!

HUNT REVIEW- Clients (Anonymous)

PH Darren Baker was joined by a wonderful family for a Plains Game Safari in the Kalahari. These folks were treated to superb hunting and truly memorable wildlife sightings. 2 Fantastic Gemsbok were hunted along with a striking Kudu and Impala.

HUNT REVIEW- Bruce & Laura

PH Clive Curtis welcomed Bruce and Laura to the Kalahari to hunt a specific selection of Plains Game. They also enjoyed fly camping in this magnificent area and experienced amazing game viewing. Bruce collected an outstanding Nyala, Gembsok & Springbok.


PH Hans Vermaak welcome back Roger for his 3rd safari with us in 4 years. During this safari to 3 different areas, a superb collection of species was hunted. These included a magnificent Lion, Buffalo, Nyala and others. Roger also very generously sponsored CVS tracker Jack on his sky-dive to raise funds for Project Rhino.

HUNT REVIEW- Steve & Kelly

PH Clive Curtis welcomed Steve and Kelly to the Kalahari where Steve, looking for a select few trophies, hunting an outstanding Gemsbok and Eland! Memorable wildlife encounters were also experienced which topped off a great safari!

HUNT REVIEW- Hubert & Tilza-Maria

PH Clive Curtis was joined by Hubert and Tilza-Maria, where Huber’s quest for record-book Eland was fulfilled very successfully! The team also enjoyed a glorious fly-camping experience coupled with memorable wildlife sightings!

HUNT REVIEW- Steve, Shelly, John & Debra

Steve, Shelly, John and Debra were welcomed by PH Clive Curtis for a Big 5 and Plains Game safari in the Kalahari. Steve hunted an incredible Lion and White Rhino and John bagged a superb Red Hartebeest and Gemsbok. A truly fantastic and memorable safari with great friends.

HUNT REVIEW- Ellery & Vicky

Ellery & Vicky headed to the Mozambique Delta with PH Clive Curtis for an epic Buffalo and Plains Game safari. This incredible area provided Ellery with an array of species, top quality trophies and a memorable adventure!