Hunt Reviews 2019

HUNT REVIEW- Jennifer, Justin & Amanda

Jennifer, Justin and Amanda joined PH Clive Curtis in the Kalahari for a fantastic Plains Game Safari which marked a successful start to the 2019 safari season. As always the game viewing was superb and their fly camping experience was thoroughly enjoyed.

HUNT REVIEW- Lance & Trey

Lance & Trey joined PH’s Hans Vermaak & Clive Curtis for a Buffalo and Plains Game safari in May. Hunting our premier Kalahari concession Lance & Trey collected superb trophies including 2 outstanding Buffalo and enjoyed fantastic game viewing and a memorable fly camping experience!

HUNT REVIEW- Frank & Rosemary

PH Darren Baker welcomed a delightful couple – Frank and Rosemary – to the Kalahari Concession for a week long Plains Game safari. A fabulous Gemsbok and Wildebeest and other species were hunted. Frank also took time out to enjoy some bird shooting!

HUNT REVIEW- James & Marc

CVS welcomed friends James & Marc for an epic Buffalo and Plains Game safari to 3 areas with PH’s Hans Vermaak and Clive Curtis. Two superb Buffalo and a variety of excellent Plains Game species were collected including impressive Waterbuck, Kudu, Gemsbok, Nyala and more.

HUNT REVIEW- Tommy Jr, Brighton, Tommy Sr, Pat, Keri & Major

PH Darren Baker hosted Tommy Sr, Tommy Jr, Brighton, Pat, Keri and Major on a wonderful family safari in the Kalahari. Eland, Zebra, Sable, Red Hartebeest and Impala were the sought after species. An enjoyable and successful family safari!

HUNT REVIEW- Craig, Caroline, William & Ami

Another fantastic family safari with Craig, Caroline, William and Ami to 2 areas with PH’s Clive Curtis, Darren Baker & Patches Madonsela saw a fantastic variety of Plains Game species collected along with 2 Buffalo!

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