Safari Guest Book and References

Safari Guest Book and References

What Our Clients Have To Say.


Thank you to Scruff for a superbly conducted safari. We both appreciated the experience and it was very nice for us to be able to enjoy the concession and its wildlife in our preferred way: unhurried, un-pressured and unfolding over lengthy days.

Scruff is a superior PH and his understanding of the Kalahari and its wildlife is excellent.

Today I re-read Scruff’s original email to me and Bev offering us the hunt. While describing a future possibility, it was astoundingly accurate and had none of the puffery so often found from safari operators. In short, we found what we enjoyed to be very accurately foretold in the original email. This is a rare and much appreciated skill.

Again, please let everyone – Kathy, Patch, Robert, Mose, Franz and Daniel – how much we enjoyed being in their company. We will always have great memories.

Best to all

Mark and Grace


… The buffalo was absolutely spectacular! When Clive jumped off the top of the truck and said ‘Oh my goodness (or something like that), that is THE ONE we’ve been looking for!’ I could barely think or breath. And then to come eye to eye with him while he was still standing – it still gives me goosebumps. What an experience!

With regards to feedback from our safari – well that would be like critiquing a Picasso or a Monet! Just not wise! You guys do such a good job with the whole safari experience, particularly with the Kalahari Concession, that I cannot add much. Clive makes it a learning experience in addition to a hunting experience. Learning to track a Lion was an awesome learning experience. So was the fly camping; that was really cool and it was done so that those that were not experience in outdoor camping felt comfortable. He also does a fantastic job of a photo experience. Yes, the photo experience with the Cheetahs was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! And that was jus the first day!

I have been telling all my hunting and non-hunting friends that the Kalahari Concession is a ‘must go’ place!


Guest Book Charles

Hans – just saw the news on Facebook about your new #1 Springbok and Clive’s PHASA award. Lynn and I would like to offer our congratulations to you as the operator of CVS, to CVS as an organisation, to Clive as the PH and to the clients for their stupendous achievements. This is a wonderful exemplar of CVS’s longstanding reputation and certainly portends things to come. This should help cement, even more, your reputation as THE ultimate outfitter in South Africa. It’s fully obvious to us that this isn’t by accident, but rather is the product of hard word over decades and decades.

First, there’s CVS’s reputation and the consistent drive by everyone at CVS to bolster that reputation. Then, there’s the selection and retention of some of the best PH’s on the entire continent. Next, there’s the aggressiveness and foresight of CVS to pursue and obtain the finest concessions available. Then, there’s the clients who wish to hunt with the very best on those concessions. Finally, there’s the drive and professionalism of the PH’s on the ground to provide the best hunting experience possible for those clients.

Lynn and I are really looking forward to another hunt with CVS, hopefully at our Kalahari area. Again our congratulations to all for a great achievement and our best wishes to the entire staff at CVS

Charles and Lynn

Guest Book Steve

Last January at the Dallas Safari Club show Josh and I were looking around and gathering information with no serious intention of committing to a safari. However, after meeting you, your Dad Coenraad and staff we had a great feeling and “got the bug” to step up to the plate and take a trip of lifetime! We also spoke with many other safari outfitters yet your professionalism, honesty and integrity gave us a comfort level no one else could. Your recommendations regarding the package we booked worked out perfectly!

After being in business myself for over 40 years I really enjoy doing business with people I like. And in addition to this to make a commitment to a safari and have EVERYTHING go perfectly and exceed all of our expectations is incredible and very uncommon in any business or industry (especially hunting outfitters). With you, all of our correspondence was straight on and followed up very promptly, the co-ordination of all the details was handled perfectly and when we arrived our PH Clive Curtis was there to meet us and all that set the tone for a GREAT safari.

I cannot say enough great things about Clive. From the initial meeting at the airport (and you don’t get a second chance to make a great first impression) to sharing his knowledge of so many other things really made the whole experience eye-opening. He was much more than just a pH. We felt at all times that we were dealing with a friend and with someone who had a real passion for what he did. When it came to hunting, Clive gave us great success with his patient and savvy ability to not only explain the plan at the moment but to adjust to the varying conditions when called for – i.e. wind direction, the terrain and the species we were hunting at that time. I came away a much better hunter with a better understanding and new approach to my hunting.

In conversations with Clive he always expressed how proud he was to be working with CVS and he represented your company unbelievably well. The entire staff – from trackers, ranger, Ketiwe (who spoiled us with unbelievable meals and the best smile) were outstanding.

I cannot say enough about our Coenraad Vermaak Safaris experience and really appreciate all your hard word and effort to make our experience so much more that we every thought it would be. Thanks so your whole team for a perfect safari!