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Bird shooting
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Bird shooting

Bird Shooting Safaris


We primarily offer bird shooting safaris in the Free State Province & KwaZulu Natal Province because of the diverse habitat and mixed farming practices in the regions, which leads to healthy game bird populations. The Free State region of South Africa boasts the greatest variety of game birds in the country. Waterfowl which can be hunted include Egyptian geese, Spur winged geese, yellow billed duck, red billed teal and white faced whistling ducks. Upland game birds that are prolific in this region are helmeted guinea fowl and 3 species of francolin as well as quail. In addition, the Free State province is known for its astounding Rock pigeon and dove populations, which provide guests with hot barrelled action earlier in the season.

We also offer limited bird shooting for Guinea Fowl, Francolin, Doves & Sandgrouse at our new Bambisana Limpopo Concession. Picture a bird shoot with exquisite accommodations, fine dining, magical scenery, 4 of the Big 5 around any corner and a huge flock of Guineafowl being driven overhead. Well, this can become a reality at Bambisana. The reserve is covered with Guineafowl, there are decent populations of Francolin, and the best news is we can offer Sand Grouse shooting too! Sand Grouse are a highly sought-after game bird in Southern Africa. They are hunted over waterholes in the mornings until about 9 am and in the evenings from just before sunset until dark. Combine Sand-Grouse with some exciting Dove shooting and you will have a busy morning and afternoon! Guineafowl shooting will involve beaters and flocks will be driven over the guns. Francolin will be walked up and flushed mostly along the river which runs through a section of the reserve.

It must be noted that landowners value and care for their game birds therefore populations are carefully monitored and they strictly ensure that all shooting is done sustainably and responsibly. The bird shooting season is regulated by the provincial game department.


February, March, April & May: Rock pigeon, Redeye Doves, Cape Turtle Doves, Laughing doves-hunted in sunflowers and various crops, this is hot barrelled non-stop action. (300-800 shots per day)

1 May-31 August: Helmeted Guinea Fowl, 3 Species of Francolin and Quail hunted over German shorthaired pointers. Driven shoots can be arranged. Sometimes massive flocks are encountered on crop farms or grasslands.

1 May to 31 August: All waterfowl species (Egyptian Goose, Spur-winged Goose, Yellow Billed Duck, Red Billed Teal, White Faced Whistling Duck) hunted from blinds or decoys over crop fields, lakes and dams.

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Picture old-fashioned ranch houses with all your home comforts complete with en-suite bathroom, lovely dining room and cosy lounge areas. Meals, service and hospitality are all excellent! Driving time from the nearest commercial airport is roughly 1 hour 10 minutes from the town of Bloemfontein. Its location lends itself perfectly to stopping by for a few days of fine shooting when driving between Kwa Zulu Natal and the Kalahari concession and other northern region hunting areas.

Shooting is conducted within an 80-mile radius of the ranch house and this allows for a variety of shooting disciplines daily. It also enables us flexibility in terms of been able to hunt various locations so that the birds are not pressured in any given area.  We also offer shooting in the Northern Cape province (Waterfowl, upland game birds and Sandgrouse) and Kwa Zulu Natal (Waterfowl and upland game birds) on a more limited basis.

Accommodation at Bambisana Limpopo is at the luxurious Pienaar Lodge which boasts top notch facilities and amenities! Stunning accommodation, beautiful facilities, excellent cuisine, superb service, privacy and luxury – all tucked away under a shady canopy in the African bush veld!

Guests can contact us regarding shotgun hire if they don’t wish to bring their own guns and we can also provide all the shot required. Please contact us for information on these areas.


Please contact us at for a tailor-made Bird Shooting Safari based on your exact requirements.



1 Gun

$1 500 per night + VAT

2 to 4 Guns

$1 200 each per night + VAT

5 or more Guns

$950 each per night + VAT


$400 each per night + VAT