South Africa – Premier Dangerous Game Concession Areas 2020


South Africa - Premier Dangerous Game Safaris 2020


South Africa is often mistaken as an exclusively plains game destination for hunting. On the contrary, we have some of the finest dangerous game safari destinations in Africa. View the Big 5 and Big Game that can be hunted sustainably on our concessions :


hunting elephant in africa

Management Bulls (30-40lbs) in the Timbavati and Klaserie Nature Reserves. Occasionally Elephant hunts become available in other regions of South Africa, when this occurs we normally send a news flash to our data base to inform prospective clients of the details. There are limited trophy quality Elephant hunts available in SA from time to time, these opportunities are communicated to our data base. South Africa is home to well over 17 000 Elephant and they occur in 7 of South Africa’s 9 provinces. Namibia offers trophy quality areas however this is never a guarantee, contact us for more information on this.


As a result of impeccable wild Lion conservation programmes, we are proud to announce that 2 of the hunting areas we operate safaris in have been approved by US Fish and Wildlife, thus allowing Lion trophies from these areas to be imported into the USA. We do not offer canned or captive bred Lion hunts at all! Lion quotas are not “a given” in our carefully managed conservation driven areas. Permits only become available from time to time. For example, in 2015 we hunted 2 Lions, none in 2016 and we have 1 permit for a Lion in 2017. Our Lion hunts are the real deal, vast tracts of land and the Lions are wild. South Africa boasts the fastest growing wild Lion population in Africa, estimated at approximately 2800 and counting. Wild Lion hunting quotas are extremely conservative and sound management principles dictate these quotas.

lion 1


Leopard hunting in Africa

The South African Wildlife Department has not issued Leopard tags since 2015 for a number of reasons. This said, it has been stated that Leopard hunting will reopen in certain areas in the not too distant future. We frequently obtain Leopard permits in Kwa Zulu Natal, Limpopo and Mpumalanga Provinces. When Leopard hunting opportunities do become available, these will be communicated to our data base. Leopard populations in South Africa have grown exponentially with the boom in wildlife numbers and the amount of land which has been set aside for wildlife over the last 45 years.


We offer Cape Buffalo safaris in our Kalahari Concession, Far North and West Limpopo areas, KwaZulu-Natal province and in the Timbavati/Klaserie wildlife systems – a total of 6 hunting concessions. Prices vary from area to area. It is estimated that we have over 50 000 Cape Buffalo on private game reserves South Africa today, this excludes our protected areas and neighbouring areas, some of which permit hunting.

Hunting buffalo in africa


rhinos in africa

From time to time we are allocated White Rhino quota. Our Kalahari Concession is the ultimate destination for a proper wild Rhino hunt. Rhino hunts in this area require tracking, patience and the ability to walk for long periods of time. Unlike many other destinations, in this area we don’t know which Rhino will be hunted and we cannot guarantee trophy quality, however we can promise that the hunting experience will be unforgettable in a wild environment. It goes without saying that our target will be an old bull. Occasionally we are offered Rhino hunting opportunities in a variety of other reserves in South Africa. We only hunt Rhino in areas where it is 100% sustainable and beneficial to the areas conservation and anti-poaching programs. From 437 Rhino in 1953 South Africa now boast the earths largest Rhino population which exceeds 18 000 animals.


We are regularly hunt Hippo in our Zululand Concession on South Africa’s East coast. Hippo Hunting is limited in the Timbavati /Klaserie.

hunting hippopotamus


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We regularly hunt Crocodile in our Zululand Concession on South Africa’s East coast. We also offer Dangerous Game Safaris to our neighbouring country Mozambique. Hunt Cape buffalo, Hippo, Crocodile & Leopard on a 1 million acre concession.



BUFFALO HUNTS: 1 X 1 and 2 X 1 Safari Options available.

1 X 1 @ $950  •  2 X 1 @ $700 per hunter

WILD LION: Kalahari • 1 X 1 • 13 nights 12 days (all USFW import permits approved thus far)

Price on Application

WILD LIONESS: Kalahari • 1 X 1 • 8 nights 7 days

Price on Application

WHITE RHINO: Kalahari • 1 X 1 • 11 nights 10 days  OR  Northern Cape • 1 X 1 • 5 nights 4 days

Price on Application

ELEPHANT: Various areas • Details & price on request

Price on Application

LEOPARD: Various areas • Details & price on request (pending permits)

Price on Application

HIPPO: Zululand • 1 X 1 • 5 nights 4 days

Price on Application


$300 per person per night

Big 5 African Safari with Coenraad Vermaak Safaris

Our Premier Kalahari Concession which is the largest continuous hunting block in the land, offers phenomenal fair chase hunting for Cape Buffalo, Lion and Rhino, albeit on a limited basis. This is a magical destination, unmatched anywhere in Africa. Buffalo hunting in our two Limpopo concessions is hard to beat from an experience and value point of view. Tracking is the order of the day in both these areas and hunters can be sure of a challenging and rewarding Buffalo hunting experience equal to any destination in countries north of South Africa. From time to time, depending on the draw, Leopard can also be hunted in these spectacular Limpopo areas. The Timbavati and Klaserie Reserves are two of the most famous conservation areas in South Africa’s. This region was the headquarters for dangerous game hunting in bygone years. Here one is certain of nothing less than a world class dangerous game hunting safari for Buffalo, Hippo and Elephant. Every few years one of these reserves may allocate a Lion, Leopard or White Rhino to the hunting quota. Zululand is home to healthy Cape Buffalo, Hippo, Crocodile and Leopard populations. Some of the most spectacular old male Leopards CVS clients have ever taken have come out of Zululand where the quota system and tag draw structure is well managed by the Game Department. Every year we are allocated Hippo, Crocodile and Buffalo permits.

In all of our hunting areas we and the relevant management teams or land owners ensure that hunting quotas are sustainable and that the principle of fair chase ethical hunting always comes first. Limited hunting of the Big 5 species plays a pivotal role in creating much needed funding for conservation and anti-poaching projects in our areas. South Africa’s phenomenal wildlife boom and conservation success story is built primarily on the foundations of wise sustainable use of wildlife, which has resulted in wildlife being valued, thus protected. It is largely unknown that 50 million acres of land is set aside for wildlife on private land in South Africa, this is three times more than all the state owned protected area. We hunt the best privately owned areas in South Africa where conservation management programs are a priority and where your dangerous game safari experience will be unparalleled.

Please refer to Terms & Conditions for additional charges that may apply to your safari

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